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My firework displays are always special, I give 110% at all stages to ensure that the spectators get the best show possible. I work the whole show from the first meeting right through to cleaning up the site afterwards.

It is true to say that a lot of blood sweat and tears go into a firework display - all for a few minutes of euphoria.

When you go to see a firework display you should consider that the team that set the fireworks up were probably up before you in the morning, have worked very hard all day, seen the first person arrive on site, fired the display, watched the last person leave and are still on site clearing up when you go home and go to bed - It is hard back breaking work, but the euphoria we feel when we fire the display is 100 times stronger than anyone viewing the display.

I always prefer to fire my firework displays electronically, I have only hand fired one or two shows, Electrically fired shows are more spectacular and precise. The main controller I use for my displays is Pyrodigital. It is a very versatile and powerful firing system. I can create the show in a computer program months before the event and synchronise the show to a musical score.







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